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Duties technical managers :

  • Technical administration of specialized departments within the framework of the policy and strategy of the company
  • Development of human resources management in coordination with operating respected as needed and current related projects
  • Determine the duties of private sector employees, including project managers, experts and fellow officer
  • Solve and handle technical issues and take responsibility for the final decision
  • Participate in tenders associated with the necessary expertise and track sections to achieve results
  • Select interior and exterior of the Technical Committee for each of the projects as required by the Technical Committee
  • Technical guidance sector projects to comply with the timetable and project control
  • Regulations and technical standards for technical control and improve the efficiency of staff
  • Attend meetings of employers and employer satisfaction based on norms, scientific and enterprise policy
  • Participating in monthly meetings to provide corporate executives and solve technical issues section
  • Specific and sensitive detection of project management in terms of necessity and Technical Committee

Water & Environmental Section
Water and Wastewater Section
Irrigation & Drainage Section
Agriculture & Natural Resources Section
Surveying, RS/GIS Group