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First and last name: Sehat Alireza
Post: Director of Agriculture and Natural Resources section

Specialty: Master of Agricultural Engineering from University of Tehran

History of the year: 2004

Email: asehat1981@abgostaran.ir

Tel: 0313-4525810

This section of 5 groups is composed of the following duties:

 Environmental Ecology Group
Description of Duties

Supervision, Research and Design on Disciplines and Comprehensive Projects on Agricultural and Natural Resources Development

Phonological and Flora Ecosystems Ecological Studies

Natural Resources Potential Identification Studies

Vegetation Group
Description of Duties

Analysis and evaluation of pastures and forests for management and exploitation of natural resources

Agriculture Group
Description of Duties

Improving crop performance based on agronomic management and modern technologies such as seed genetics and …

Agricultural Development Planning

Greenhouse and green space group
Description of Duties

Design and construction of greenhouse complexes

Design and construction of urban green space