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First and last name: Abdoli Hamid Reza

Post: Director of the Section of Social and Economic

Specialty: Master of Agricultural Extension and Education from Tehran University

History of the year: 2005

Email: H.abdoli@gmail.com

Tel: 0613-3752005

This section of 5 groups is composed of the following duties:

Social Studies Group
Description of Duties

Anthropology, ethnography and …

Rural and Nomad Sociology Studies

Rural Development Studies

Social Needs Assessment

Social sensing

Evaluation and evaluation of social projects

Demonstration and population forecasting

Necessity studies

Feasibility studies

Rural Rapid Assessment and Rural Participatory Reconciliation (RRA-PRA)

Economic studies Group
Description of Duties

Economic studies of various water resources and agriculture projects

Provide justification plans

Insurance of agricultural products and natural resources

Farm management

Marketing of agricultural products

Management of agricultural units

The economy of natural resources and environment

Manufacturing Economics Studies

Manufacturing Economics Studies

Providing social assistance services to the implementation of the plans and helping the land acquisition of the required projects and opening up of work paths with a social approach.

Utilization systems Group
Description of Duties

Status recognition studies

Social Assistance

Utilization and public participation studies in irrigation and drainage networks

Conducting educational-promotional classes

Related workshops

Educational and promotional planning

Management and Planning of Adult Education

Developing and implementing capacity building programs and empowering utilities

Modification and development of farmer farming systems

Designing and assisting in the establishment and start-up of joint water supply and irrigation management organizations

Acceptance of stakeholder opinions and social aspects in designing, implementing and operating plans

Acceptance of stakeholder opinions and social aspects in designing, implementing and operating plans

Formation, organization and empowerment of the cooperative

Group of Law and Water and Agriculture
Description of Duties

Legal and documentary studies

Legal follow up

Especially water and agriculture

Advising on water and agriculture

Help enforce relevant laws

Assist in the implementation of the relevant Koonin

Related workshops

Provide advice to resolve social and environmental tensions and conflicts