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First and last name: Amiri Reza

Post: Director of the Section of Surveying and GIS

Specialty: Bachelor of Surveying Technology

History of the year: 2001

Email: amiri.2761@gmail.com

Tel: 021-44125997

This section of 5 groups is composed of the following duties:

Land Surveying group
Description of Duties

Supervision, research and design on digital harvesting services and mapping coordinates

Coordination and dispatch of mapping units for requested projects

Preparation of topographic maps including regional and urban

Preparation of cadaster maps of agricultural, urban and industrial lands

Hydrographic group
Description of Duties

Mapping and dismantling of road paths and power transmission lines

Provision of longitudinal and cross-sectional profiles of roads, rivers and power transmission lines

Precise location by using geolocation device (GPS) and mapping

Estimated volume of ground operations

Mapping of historical sites of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization

Photogrammetry group
Description of Duties

Preparing a seafront map with a small boat and an Echosander

Preparation of hydrographic map of rivers, lakes and reservoirs of dams (calculation of surface and volume)

GIS and RS group
Description of Duties

Consultancy, monitoring, and research on the spatial information system and analyzing and processing satellite imagery

Feasibility and creation of GIS sites and satellite data interpretation

Producing various types of databases under different systems. Preparing a cadastre map with satellite imagery processing

Preparation of land use and land use maps based on satellite imagery analysis

Preparation of land use maps and topographic surveys using satellite imagery to study land cover, time variations, urban applications and …