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First and last name: Samad Mehrvand

Post: Technical and design assistant and water resources substitute

Specialty: Master of Civil Engineering from Sharif University of Technology

History of the year: 1994

Email: smehrvand@abgostaran.ir

Tel: 021-44122997

This section has 5 groups including:

Dam and power plant group
Description of Duties

Supervision, research and design of dam and power structures

Structural placement

Concrete structures including long supply water storage dams, delayed dams, sediments and …

Diversion dam

Long and short dams overflow

Structure and building of power plant

Small and large water bodies and rivers

Water Resources and Environmental Pollution Group
Description of Duties

Supervision, research and design of water resources services, Meteorology, Wells, Qanats and Environmental pollution and lakes

Hydrological and Hydraulic Placement and Dimensions of Hydro-Soil Structures, Long and Short Dams

The use of radar technology for GIS and RS models and numerical water and environmental hydroanformatic

Long-term forecast based on the concepts of atmospheric, earth, ocean and hydrological systems

Water resources planning based on new concepts of sustainability and system integration (comfort function)

Managing and planning interconnected water resources with Ecohydrosystems

Modeling (simulation and optimization) of natural hydro-systems and human construction structures

Determine the optimal reservoir of transfer and storage structures based of water requirements, population growth and the needs rate

The management of natural and artificial disasters includes floods, droughts, tsunamis, storms, dam failures,

Dehydration water management and needs development based on the sustainable development of land and water resources

Rural and Medieval Studies and layering of the interaction of freshwater and saltwater lakes

Stoicistic prediction of hydrometuorological and hydrological components

Surveillance or monitoring and Surface calibrations of surface runoff, groundwater and the whole system with tracking and modeling

Quantitative-qualitative interaction studies of the river with other water and environmental resources

Quantitative and qualitative monitoring of water and environmental resources

River Engineering and Watershed Management  Group
Description of Duties

Supervision, Research and Design in River Engineering Services and Watershed Management

Hydrological – Hydraulic design Laying and Dimensions of watershed Structures and river engineering based on experimental and basin modeling

Integrated watershed management based on the new concepts of sustainable development and food security

Regional planning and management in watersheds

Flood prediction and control

Erosion and sediment control, snow and avalanche control

Artificial nourishment of underground aquifers to control land gatherings and seasonal floods

Extraction and management of unconventional water resources to regulate the flow of the system (snow, dew, …)

River Engineering (Hydraulics, Morphology, Ecohydrology, Geomorphodynamics, Sedimentation, Zoning, Designing Flood Alert Systems, Water Resources Recovery …

River Organizing (Beach and Beach Recovery, Fishing Development, Facilities Protection, Environmental Improvement and Pollution, Dredging and …

Study and design of quantitative quality monitoring of river systems and Watersheds areas and rural flood alert systems

Dam Hydrological Hydraulic Failure Calculations, Crisis Management and Emergency Planning (EAP)

Urban Flood Group
Description of Duties

escription of Duties

Supervision, research and design on urban runoff collection services

Urban Meteorological and rainfall calculations

Rainfall-runoff modeling of channel flow and on ground surface

Modeling of runoff pollution and sediment transport

Modeling of quantitative and qualitative interaction of urban and underground water resources

Designing Urban Flood Forecast Systems

Geotechnical and Hydroelectromechanical Group
Description of Duties

Supervision, research and design on geotechnical and Hydrolectromechanics services

Instrumentation of earth and concrete dams

Lower valves, Hydropower pond and Environmental power plant

Pressure systems, turbines and generators

Additional design of the building of the power plant includes electrical switchboard, GIS post, network distribution

Excavation, nylings, piles, injections and tunnels

Saturation and Foundation Sealing Pipes

Structural design of earth dams (body and foundation)

Geology and Borrowing Resources