First Name and Last Name: Reza Amiri
Organizational position Director of mapping and GIS department
Expertise: Bachelor of Mapping Technology
History of the year: 2001
Direct Phone: +9821-44125997

This department consists of 4 groups with the following job descriptions:

Land mapping group


Supervision, research and design of digital mapping services and coordinates
Coordination and dispatch of mapping teams for requested projects
Preparation of topographic maps including regional and urban (block)
Preparation of registration maps (cadastre) of agricultural, urban and industrial lands
Mapping and implementation of road and power transmission lines
Preparation of longitudinal and cross sections of road, river and power transmission lines
Accurate location using GPS and map preparation
Estimating the volume of earthworks (CUT & Fill)
Mapping of historical sites of cultural heritage and tourism organization

Hydrographic group


Preparation of the seabed map with a small boat and Ecosander
Preparation of hydrographic map of rivers, natural lakes and reservoirs of dams (calculation of surface and volume)

Photogrammetry group


Preparation of maps from aerial photographs and urban areas
Preparation of large-scale and medium-scale maps by converting aerial photos into maps using analytical and digital devices.
Revising and updating old maps

GIS and RS group


Consulting, supervision and research on spatial information system services and analysis and processing of satellite images
Feasibility and creation of geographic information system (GIS) sites and interpretation of satellite information
Production of various types of databases under different systems of preparing cadastral maps by processing satellite images
Preparation of land use maps and land data based on the analysis of satellite images
Preparation of medium-scale topography and land use maps using satellite images to study and investigate land cover, temporal changes, urban applications, etc.