Information system and project management
Project Management Information System (PMIS)

A project management information system (PMIS) is a system that consists of tools and techniques for collecting, combining and integrating, and distributing the outputs of project management processes. The project management information system includes all parts of the project from the initial phase to the final phase, by using this system you can control project changes, facilitate reporting and make more accurate and better decisions. Always having a project management information system is one of the main concerns of project stakeholders, scattered information such as maps, templates, letters, schedules, status reports, contracts, proposals, forms, reports and other documents specific to each project (documents technical) each is a part of important information, but scattered among the project agents.

Capability of project management systems

Define the WBS work breakdown structure indefinitely in the activity definition
Alerts (management of receipts and events) with the ability to send messages (cardboard or email or SMS)
Providing various analytical reports at different management levels for strategic decision making
Management and review of the status statement process Payments made to project agents
Ability to prepare output report to Excel software
Management and documentation of project delivery and transformation process
Performance evaluation of contractors, consultants, project managers, suppliers and technical inspectors
Ability to report all information entered in the system online
Archive management of legal documents, engineering and binding correspondence
Defining user groups and determining access levels for groups and individuals

Activities carried out by Abgostran Mihan Consulting Engineering Company

Design and implementation of the project management system in the 550,000 hectare plan of Khuzestan and Ilam provinces

Design and implementation of project management system in agricultural settlements company

Preparation of the location database of modern irrigation systems in the form of Web GIS system for the Agricultural Jihad Organization of Sistan and Baluchistan

Conducting studies and creating a database of all implemented water and soil projects in Alborz province in GIS environment

Methodology of preparation of aqueducts atlas using GIS

Creating a GIS database and preparing a management dashboard for planning the actions of an integrated management plan for the exploitation and control of water resources in the Zayandeh Rood catchment area (the upstream area of ​​the Zayandeh Rood reservoir dam)

Recording the experiences and lessons learned in the first phase of the Supreme Leader's Project in Khuzestan and Ilam provinces

Preparation of 30 volumes of documentation books for 30 flagship projects of the first phase of the Supreme Leader's Plan in Khuzestan and Ilam provinces

Documenting the process of value engineering and its results in the first phase of the plan of the Supreme Leader in Khuzestan and Ilam provinces